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JetSuiteX makes air travel enjoyable again. Departing from private jet terminals, travelers fly between California, Nevada, and Utah on JetSuiteX's luxury semi-private jets.

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JetSuiteX is a new player in commercial air travel offering an alternative to commercial airlines at an affordable price. Their brand promise is to deliver an airline experience without the hassle of commercial airlines. They needed a new website that would convey the brand’s modern luxury, yet deliver flight bookings quickly and intuitively.

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Why Appstem

JetSuiteX turned to Appstem because they needed a highly experienced hard core development partner that could quickly bring together the work of all the other partners on a tight deadline. Appstem managed the website project across two other companies providing the flight booking widget and their API integration.

The company had just hired a new marketing agency and was also working with a new design partner. Additionally, Appstem coordinated the project with their website design partner and new marketing agency and internal IT - to deliver the whole project within a three month deadline.

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Great things are the sum of the parts. For the JetSuiteX site, many parts had to be flawlessly integrated to increase booking on a gorgeously branded new site. This required collaborating with global teams across development, IT, and marketing to deliver a world-class site in less than three months.

UI/UX, design, photography and a complex backend CMS system were all integrated to enable a booking experience that delivered on speed, exhilaration and convenience. A customized CMS interface for JetSuite’s marketing team enables them to manage all the website content with the ability to remove, edit, and add media in real-time as needed.

Fly effortlessly

Our development team created a seemless integration with Radixx, an aviation booking engine, enabling passengers to find and book flights to any of JetSuiteX’s destinations.


Within the first month, JetSuite doubled its regular $50K/day bookings. Visitors booking flights experience JetSuite’s promise of “waitlessness”.


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Jetsuite X

JetSuiteX is a semi-private, domestic air carrier with flights between California, Montana, and Nevada. The company was founded in 2016 to meet the need created by declining short-haul air traffic in the United States. JetSuiteX is a subsidiary of JetSuite, a private jet charter company founded by Alex Wilcox. Wilcox was a founding executive at the airline JetBlue.