iOS Development & Back-end Development

The Tesla iPad app is a key sales tool for the product specialists and marketing teams. The app is for marketing events and is used in all Tesla retail outlets worldwide.

Big Picture

Tesla is changing everything about buying cars including the showroom experience. People are invited into Tesla showrooms to explore Tesla’s technology, learn about owning an electric car and ultimately, to configure their dream car - which will be built and delivered in the future. The experience requires detailed research, product information and feature-rich images -- all of which are delivered in real-time by the Tesla IOS iPad app.

Tesla’s data-rich experience is kept consistent across all of its 120 locations in 24 countries worldwide through the centralized app. Visitors get started by simply swiping their driver’s license on the app, which adds their driver details and approves them for a test drive. Sales personnel are able to seamlessly reserve test drives, receive digital signatures and instantly update sales data into Salesforce – all within their local regions. The app is localized for each respective location.

Why Appstem

Naturally, the company building the world’s fastest production car needed a team capable of delivering results faster. The project also required a long term commitment to ensure ongoing consistency as new global locations were added.

Drawing on the experience of previous projects with AppStem, Tesla was assured of the long-term staying power of key members of the team and it’s ability to continuously meet extreme deadlines.

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Kicking off the project, Appstem visited Tesla’s flagship showroom on Santana Row, San Jose to understand the salespeople’s perspective and to take a closer look under the hood. Appstem set out to replace the previous web browser-based experience requiring sales and customers to scroll through different Web pages to find information.

Taking a sky’s-the-limit approach, the team considered, “what’s possible?” and “what’s necessary?” One swipe of the iPad would elegantly move videos and photos onto the 85 inch big screen TV; no small feat without Airplay. Devices had to be easily shared amongst staff throughout the day.

The team prioritized systems for fixing any bugs or crashes in all time zones, and a process for adding new features the moment they were announced. To make it all work, Appstem acted like an integrated part of the marketing team.


Appstem created a first-of-it’s-kind app that streamlined the showroom experience in a way that’s true to the Tesla brand. Car-buyers, salespeople, marketing personnel and even members of the media --all use the app to find Telsa information in an equally intuitive and joyful way.

high-tech retail experience

Consistent with Tesla’s high-tech brand the Tesla Retail App takes the showroom into the 21st century.

Schedule a test drive

Connected iPads make scheduling a test drive a breeze, Tesla personnel swipe a prospective customer’s driver’s license to easily capture driver information


Founded in 2003 by a group of Silicon Valley engineers, Tesla’s mission is to prove that electric cars are better than gasoline-powered cars. With instant torque, incredible power, and zero emissions, Tesla’s cars are without compromise. Each new generation of cars are increasingly affordable, helping the company work towards its mission of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable transport.